Executive Committee


2019 Executive Committee

The Executive Committee meets on the first Tuesday of every month. From 2019, the main officers and the Strategic Plan team will meet every month and the full Executive will meet at least once every Quarter. 


Honorary President:  Gerry Gaffney

Chairperson:    Damien Duffy

Vice Chairperson:    Kevin Murphy

Secretary:            Catherine Livesey secretary.manowar.dublingaa.ie

Assistant Secretary:      David Sheridan

Treasurer/Registrar:      Dermot Sheridan

Assistant Treasurer/Registrar:      Fionnuala Sheridan

Public Relations Officer:      Anna McKeown  pro.manowar.dublin@gaa.ie

Children’s Officer:      Alice Sheridan

Health and Safety Officer:      David Hagan

Well Being Officer:      Rachael Moore

Irish Officer:      Emma McGlynn

Juvenile Chairperson:      Bernice Jones Moore

Data Protection Officer:    Shane Denver

Members: Miriam Moore, Malachy O’Callaghan

Strategic Plan Team Leaders:

Coaching & Games Development:                 David Sheridan

Club Structures & Administration:               Catherine Livesey

Finance & Fundraising:                                   Seán Owens

Facilities Development & Maintenance:      Pat Moore

Communications, PR & Culture:                    Anna McKeownSave


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