All Ireland Final/Replay Tickets

Update on tickets for the All Ireland Final Replay on Saturday 14th August: The demand for tickets by adult club members has exceeded the supply in our club and across the county. If you have made a ticket request, the allocations for club members will be finalised on Friday 13th August and you should contact Dermot on Friday. Please do not contact Dermot directly in the meantime.

Two advantages to being a fully paid up adult club member are making Croke Park ticket requests via the club throughout the season and being part of the annual members draw for a free ticket for the final.

Congratuations to Meadhbh Kelly who won the free ticket to the Senior final on Sunday 1st September 2019.

Congratulations to Martin Moore who won the free ticket to the Senior replay final on Saturday 14th September 2019.

Thanks to Dermot Sheridan for coordinating our Croke Park tickets all season.

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