Man O’War GAA 5 Year Strategic Plan 2017-2022


Man O’War GAA Club’s Strategic Plan 2017 – 2022 has been officially launched. It is a very positive, exciting and ambitious plan that seeks to maximise the potential of the club to develop, grow and fulfil potential in key areas over the next five years.

Man O’War GAA club is an integral part of the local community and our club has served this community for over 70 years. We now have superb playing facilities and dedicated, enthusiastic volunteers to enable us to promote the sporting and cultural benefits of Gaelic Games. This plan sets out goals that will enable us to entice and promote Man O’War GAA Club and Gaelic Games to new people and new generations. This framework will provide valuable support in this respect.

The plan has been brought together following consultation with our membership, local community and administrators in Croke Park. It provides our club with a clear vision for the next five years and will seek to build upon the excellent work of members and further strengthen club membership, playing activity, structures, finance and profile.

Over 12 months ago members came together for a full strategic review of club structures and the plan now before us is the culmination of the process. Focus groups identified goals in five key areas and these are outlined in the plan. The five key activity areas identified encompass:

1. Coaching and games development
2. Club structures and administration
3. Finance and fundraising
4. Facilities and development
5. Communication/PR and Culture

As a club we want to attract the maximum number of youngsters to play our games, make it a safe and enjoyable experience and create an environment where they can be ambitious to compete at the highest possible levels. This plan will give a framework to grow and develop our club and provide a roadmap as to where we want this club to be in five years, but like any plan it needs to be implemented and critically assessed to measure any success or failings. This is a very exciting and ambitious plan for the club and the goals are deliberately ambitious but are very achievable. It can prove so if it receives the required backing and support of members. We have brilliant members who give fantastic commitment and service. This blueprint provides an excellent opportunity to utilise the strengths and expertise of our membership. Goals within the plan will promote the club to a wider audience in the local community, from juveniles to adults.

It is a plan for the members by the members and key to its success will be the willingness for people to take ownership and responsibility. The club is now appealing to members to take ownership of the plan by playing a role in its implementation and provide us with the time and expertise that will enable us fulfil its targeted goals and enable it compete at the highest possible levels both on and off the playing pitches. On that note we appeal to all members to volunteer their time and expertise to enable us drive our club to another level.

Click on the attached “Man O’War Strategic Plan 2017-2022” to read the plan in full. Hard copies of the plan have been in circulation and are available within the club.

On Saturday 13th January 2018, thirty of our club members gathered to plan how we can deliver the first set of targets we have set ourselves for 2018. Each of the five activity groups now needs help, expertise and energy from other members of the club. This could be in the form of a one-off commitment or help with a particular project.

Anyone interested in assisting with the implementation of the plan should contact Sean Owens on 086 4126335

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