Temporary Club Closure

Notice from Club Executive, Man O’War GFC
Saturday 11th July 2020 at 8pm

Man O’War GFC is suspending all training and match activity effective immediately and until further notice. This follows a positive diagnosis of Covid-19 for one of our club members in recent hours.

This is a precautionary measure while the individual in question awaits the commencement of the contact tracing process and further guidance from the public health authorities. Those who might be a potential ‘close contact’ are being contacted by the individual and/or the Club Executive in advance of the commencement of the contact tracing process.

Our primary concern is for the health, well-being and privacy of our club member and we send our support to them for a speedy recovery.

We wish to reassure the vast majority of our players, coaches, supporters and visitors that they do not fall into the category of a ‘close contact’ with the individual concerned. In addition, we have been following procedures for enhanced hygiene and cleaning at the club.

Out of concern for the health and well-being of our wider club community, we believe that a cautious approach is the best approach. Therefore we have extended this suspension of activity to all teams until we have received clarification from the public health authorities. We will update teams when we have received further guidance.

It is our priority to stay safe and protect each other. We have been impressed by the level of personal responsibility and stewardship that has been evident in our club since we commenced the “Safe Return to Gaelic Games” procedures. Despite our best efforts, the situation we find ourselves in today is an unfortunate reality of life in a pandemic.

Please continue to follow HSE advice to self-isolate and to contact your GP if you experience any of the Covid symptoms. Please update your team’s Covid Supervisor of any issues that may arise. More information can be found on HSE Coronavirus and on the GAA Covid Club Education hub.

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